Challenges faced when Owning,training and looking after a cat with an ABI

I got a kitten at the end of October in the beginning I was nervous and worried about how to look after, train (eg. how to use litter tray), keeping an eye on her (moon) whilst doing other jobs around the house such as preparing and making meals whilst making sure moon isn’t putting herself in danger eg. Being to close to the hob/stove when cooking as I can struggle with multi tasking due to the side effects of my acquired brain injury.

I have been working to overcome these challenges with support from my partner who has had animals all his life as well as my sister and cousins who have cats of their own. We are still working on training her not to climb curtains,scratching or biting if done purposely we have found spraying her with water is very effective to let her know what she did isn’t allowed.

I have found having a cat to be very rewarding and provides me with company when I am home by myself getting to play with her is fun her favorite things to play with are hair ties and pipe cleaners, cleaning up after her is another important job as she sometimes spills over litter which needs brushing to tidy up surrounding area and taking any poos out of tray throughout the day with kitchen roll and put in the bin and we empty litter once a day. Cats are very hygienic/clean animals and I would recommend getting a cat to anyone as moon gives so much back to us such as cheering me up when I feel down or I am upset about something or someone. I have found it is also helping me to become more patient, understanding and always follow through with punishment if not behaving which is an area I need to work on as I want to have children in the near future and patience,understanding and follow through if child being naughty will be key.

We tried various techniques for training moon these were blowing in face,taking her off or away from what she shouldn’t be doing as well as telling her off and using a spray bottle of water which cats hate,we are finding the water bottle the most effective training method for us. Another important thing to do is try to get into a routine of times you will feed your cat from the beginning.

2 thoughts on “Challenges faced when Owning,training and looking after a cat with an ABI

  1. Hi Hannah
    I have 2 cats called Bobbie and Rosie. In the morning they are all over me and lead me to their food table so they remind me to feed them. As the day gos on my pain amd pain gets higher, get distracted easier. They do have a way of letting me know though when they are hungry. They are amazing and i couldnt be without them.. love them with all my heart, they are my children he he.
    Happy christmas and hope 2019 is a great year for you and all people in silverlining x


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