View point from Laura on Namibia mission 2018

I found out about Silverlining through Kathrine who is a trustee of the charity whitest working with her for the last seven years as well as assisting with some of the charities events and have found them very rewarding. I found out about the Namibia expedition through Kathrine after the Namibia 2014 trip. Through Kathrine’s stories of the 2014 expedition i felt so inspired that I decided I would apply for the Namibia 2016 mission as a volunteer buddy as I wanted to be a part of the adventure. I loved the experience of the 2016 mission that I applied for the Namibia 2018 trip as a buddy to one of the Birmingham silverliners.

My hopes were to have an incredible experience,to support and encourage others to overcome their challenges I also wanted to bring and provide help to the local community we are working with. I did not have any major fears apart from small things but overall I was convinced it was going to be a great experience.

My hopes and expectations were really surpassed. I never thought that the group would become as close as it did. I also learnt a lot from this trip. It had its challenges but I wouldn’t change a thing.

My personal achievements will probably relate to the capacity to help others,to be part of the team,to keep going despite the difficulties and to enjoy every moment.

I have to say I will never forget driving at the back of the 4×4,enjoying and catching the magic of Namibia.

It’s the adventure and the challenge that brings us together and will never forget.

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