View point of Francois from Kaurimbi Expeditions (Namibia) of working with a group of people with acquired brain injuries in a variety of different projects

I found out about The Silverlining Charity by taking over a company called Kaurimbi Expeditions Every two years we help The Silverlining Charity arrange challenging experiences for all of the Silverliners on the Namibia mission both brain injured and those in support roles doing a variety of projects.

My hopes were that everyone on the expedition to be able to experience great adventure and achieve the goals of the charities mission. I had no fears before the mission.

beforehand the kaurimbi team visited certain areas of Namibia to find a suitable location for projects to be carried out this was then extensively planned with the charity to ensure smooth running. Then the fears that were in the back of my mind were quickly overcome after discussions with the charity.

On this particular trip I enjoyed getting involved more on the medical side and would like to improve my skills and knowledge within this Field.

I am a lucky man that I have a job that is my sole passion so every moment was spectacularly amazing.

“Come as a client and leave as friends but I already know half of them.”

Contact details:

Kaurimbi Expeditions Tour and Safari operator:

Cell:+264 812340234

Cell:+264 812205135


Facebook: Kaurimbi Expeditions

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