Advice for what to do when going shopping when you have an An ABI

-Plan your weekly menu in advance

-Write a list of all items you need for your week

-Pick the day that suits you best for shopping and time that suits you best

-Make up or buy standard shopping lists that include items that you need on a regular basis this can be adjusted to what you need that week.

-Do a check of all cupboards,fridge/freezer etc. To see what other items or products you need to restock and how much of each you need.

-If fatigue or over stimulation is something you struggle with I would recommend getting one or two days worth of any items you need for those days at a time and shop more frequently

-Get someone else to do the shopping on your behalf if shopping in store is significantly challenging for you

-Do your shopping online and collect from store most large chain stores offers click and collect service

-Order your shopping online and get it delivered to you most chain stores provide this service

-You could arrange your shopping list by the layout of isles in your chosen supermarket

-When you are running low or out of stock on an item you need put it straight on to your shopping list so don’t forget to buy it when you next go shopping


Ways to remember shopping bags:

-Leave them in your car

-Have a hook or place near the door to store them so you see them on way out

-Reminder on your phone

-write it in diary/on calendar if you have one

-Reminder note on the side/fridge

-Keep some in your bag all the time

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