Journey Planning And What To Do When You Get Lost

When you are journey Planning make sure you know the address,closest station, how you are getting there,a postcode and if need someone with you if so who.

-Have all information next to you for location
-Are you going by car or public transport
-To plan route use:
*Google maps
*National rail app/website journey planner
*Tube map app journey planner
*waze app (if driving)

-Check how long journey will Take before the day so you know what time to leave home/be on train etc to make it to destination on time
-If travelling with someone make sure you organise this in advance and know where you are meeting.

Once you have planned your route:
*Make sure you have everything you need for your journey
*Bring a book or music etc. If a long journey to occupy yourself
-print off route or take picture on your phone so can check on route if you need to.
-let someone else know your route in case you get lost or something happens to you on route

If You Find Yourself Lost Or Unsure On Journey:
– Ask people nearby if they can help eg. Does this train stop at Battle station?
-Use google maps to get you to location by following the blue line if go off blue line you have gone the wrong way.
-use landmarks,shops nearby that you pass to ensure going right way if been to location before
-Go into a shop,train station or business and ask for directions
– call person who you gave route to get them to help directing you

Overall the best thing to do when learning routes take it one small step at a time and work out what helps you best in route planning and give people an idea of times you should arrive at your destination and what time you should be home and route you will take especially if lack of signal or no signal on phone to be able to communicate so people don’t worry about you.

I hope this helps also rembemer when you use journey Planning can set it for your day of travel.

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