Finding Love With An Acquired Brain Injury

I have been looking for someone to love and someone to love me since I was 18 it took me nine years I went on half a dozen online dating agencies such as Match, Uniform Dating, Plenty Of Fish and several more. I met lots of people on these online dating sites I met a few who were unaccepting of people with learning difficulties and brain injury and others who were more open minded that I spent time messaging some who turned out to people looking for someone to have a one night stand with those people I blocked automatically as I wasn’t looking for that.
I also tried speed dating and slow dating events which were fun and sociable but sometimes it was a challenge blocking out the background noise which sometimes made it difficult to concentrate on/hear what the person I was talking to was saying. I also tried a variety of other singles events and meet up group Meetballs dating was one of them and all were nice social events with people of a similar age but some events the majority of people were a lot older than myself but I did meet some nice people there.
In 2017 I decided to have one final attempt at finding love by using a dating agency called flame introductions which I heard of on the tv program The Undateables. Once I contacted the agency and I spoke to a lady called Christine who was one of there agents and a very nice lady and gives the option for someone to attend meeting with you. Christine creates a personal profile for you with your picture on, what you do for work if any, volunteering you may do, music you like, hobbies and interests and what type of person you are eg. family orientated. Christine also listened to what type of person I was looking for and showed me some profiles to look at after that sent a few profiles for a potential match if you want to meet them you let here know you may need to be patient as this took me 6mths to meet someone I clicked with. Me and my Fiancée have now been together for over a year and are currently planning our wedding for next year. he is my soulmate and I couldn’t be without him now as he means the world to me and I love him so much and I wouldn’t have met him if I hadn’t joined Flame introductions and am so grateful to them for helping us find each other. I am looking forward to our life together and all the adventures we will have. I Have Put the Link For FLAME INTRODUCTIONS DATING AGENCY BELLOW IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO LOOK INTO THEM.

6 thoughts on “Finding Love With An Acquired Brain Injury

  1. Hi Hannah
    It was so good to read your blog about how to go about finding love after a brain injury. I got mine through a car accident at the age of 21 and am now 36. I have no memory of before my accident so dont remember who i dated, how it feels to be in love etc but i am now really ready for it. Thanks for sharing your journey about trying to find someone to share your life with, thinking i will give Flame a whirl as its worked for you. Congratulations on your engagement x

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    1. Thanks sooo much good luck ah that’s tough as mine happened when I was born I don’t know any different. I hope you have a read of the others and find them helpful. I would appreciate it if you could follow me and spread the word so can reach more people like us and educate others


      1. I have had a read of journey planning and it all sounds fab and will be a great help to many others too.
        Will spread the word and before you know it there will be thousands reading and getting help from your blogs.

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