The Perspective from Chris my partner and his point of view

I found Hannah though an online dating agency which I would recommended for all of those looking for love at this time I didn’t even know anything about brain injuries, Silverlining or any of those things after reading though Hannah’s profile I saw that she had an ABI which included her having fits so I took it upon myself to research everything I needed to know educating myself on what to do if Hannah was to have a fit.

When meeting Hannah for the first time I didn’t know what to expect and I was a little concerned about her having a fit but I armed myself with the correct information so I felt I could cope if she was to have a fit at anytime. I personally would recommend looking into anything like this if unsure as it make me feel more confident and I also reassured Hannah that I knew what to do which made her more comfortable.

after a few more dates I started to think about my future with Hannah and I was particularly worried about having children but after discussions with Hannah about how I felt we made plans for the future.

over the last year of knowing and being in a relationship with Hannah I have helped her to increase her coordination, memory , visual persecution, spacial awareness by doing activities Hannah enjoys such as mazes and puzzles even though I find them easy I try and encourage Hannah to attempt these on her own without my assistance then I step in if Hannah cannot solve the problem

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