The Perspective Of Working With Someone Who Has ABI From My Support Worker and Her Experience Of Silverlining Namibia Expedition

My support worker Claire had no prior work experience working with people who have an acquired brain injury before agreeing to support me on the 2016 Silverlining Namibia mission and had only met me a few times prior to the trip. After the Namibia trip Claire became my support worker together we do social and educational activities,assisting with some of my therapy work and training opportunities searching and applying for jobs and anything else I would like or need to do.
When Claire first took on being my support worker she found it a little uncomfortable and was worried about coping with my reactions despite knowing that she could deal with it but didn’t want to do anything wrong or upset me.
on the Namibia 2016 trip the group had inspired Claire to be more brave,worry less and not let her shyness which was debilitating stop her from achieving her personal goals. Claire has told me working as my support worker is motivated by my fast paced can do approach to life!!! She has told me she finds working in brain injury can be challenging but is so rewarding and varied that the job has become such great fun and feels this is what all jobs should give to people. Claire also says she has loved seeing me go through my journey of improvement and supporting me through it as well as with helping me to achieve my future goals.She has said she loves the feeling that she has been an integral part of my journey and has helped with my continued journey.
Claire has helped me to become more of an adult and has helped me seeing different peoples points of view in a variety of situations which isn’t easy.

From my point of view she has dealt really well and kept it discreet when I have had an epileptic seizure whilst we were out and about so people can’t stare or crowd around me. she stays very calm and collected,is very reassuring when talking to me as when I have a seizure I can’t hear any fear in her voice which is good as when I am having seizure and hear fear or panic in peoples voice this makes me more worried and want to reassure them when I am unable to communicate to them. I am very greatful to Claire for helping me to become the more mature,confident and outgoing adult I am today. I also really appreciate the good advice and knowledge she has passed on to me.

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