The Silverlining Charity what they do and how it has helped me

The Silverlining Charity supports adult survivors of Aquired Brain Injury (ABI) as well as their friends and family to rebuild their lives through having likeminded people around them who have understanding of the challenges they are facing and provide them with advice,encouragement and support And is one massive family. The charity encourages members to undertake personal challenges,fundraising activities and to get involved with their local community.
They run a wide range of different free/low cost activities and events in the local area. These activities and events include monthly meetings,meal,Sunday socials,bowling,art groups,walking groups,music jams etc across 9 ‘different groups across the UK all are ADA accessible activities all of these help to motivate,rehabilitate,create friendships,encourage personal growth/opportunities and help people to rediscover themselves and bring about a sense of purpose and direction in people’s lives after injury.

The Silverlining Charity also go on expeditions to Namibia in Africa I have been on three of the previous four trips and am going again on the next one at the end of this year;and I cannot wait to go back and make a difference to the local community out there. On the previous trips we have helped schools by painting murals,built a library,taught lessons to the children,created a sensory garden as well as these we also did elephant tracking,climbed the branburg mountain to see ancient cave paintings,camped in tents in the bush and went on a safari. I would truely recommend going on one of these trips as it will make you realise how much you can achieve,how fortune we are to live here and how we do given how happy people are in Namibia with the little they have.

The fusndraising events I have done for the charity includes 10K’s,half Marathons,virtual London Loop and car boot sales in total rasing over £1200 over the 10yrs I have been a member of the charity.

The way the Silverlining has helped me is by providing me with a support network outside my family,helped me make lots of new friends who can understand my daily challenges,support me through my good and bad times,giving advice and supporting me with achieving my personal goals and provides me with a variety of social events to enjoy with friends which are nice,relaxed and fun with a great way to catch up with everyone.the Silverlining Charity is 17yrs+. The Silverlining Charity has no government funding to keep running it is solely running through donations and fundraising events and people donating their time to volunteer and donating rooms or meetings

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