What Volunteering I Have Done/Doing

I have done a Varity of volunteering over the last fourteen years which have all been very rewarding experiences and great if you love helping and meeting new people. the first voluntary position I did was as a first aider with St John Ambulance I started with them when I was 13 years old and volunteered with them for thirteen years. I covered a variety of events providing first aid to the general public such as stadium duties, London marathon, Hyde Park Concerts, school/local duties etc.
The second volunteering position I did was as a ward volunteer in my local hospital my main duties were based out of the kitchen helping to give patients fresh water jugs and clean cups, washing up, preparing dinner,assisting with feeding patients as well as chatting to patients who didn’t have any visitors although there are many other voluntary positions within hospitals if this is something that interests you.
The third voluntary position is working at willow charity shop in Barnet on the shop floor this involves working on the till, hanging up clothes, pricing a variety of items and putting them in the appropriate place within the shop as well as providing a friendly face to all customers.
The forth voluntary position is as a home visitor with Age UK Barnet for a elderly lady to provide her with company, help with going on errands or to appointments. I also assist her with making phone calls as she is hard of hearing and I do this for a few hours a week it is one of these are some of the most fore filling and rewarding volunteer opportunities I have undertaken so far.

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